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      Transportation for up to 11 friends and/or family members to & from Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP), Drop offs at Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (VPS), along 30A, and around South Walton County, Florida.

      30A Beach Buddy Shuttle BAV

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      Buddy and Blue are English Cream Golden Retrievers. Buddy is almost 2 years old and about 85 pounds. Blue is almost 6 months old and about 40 pounds.
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      Submit your reservation request and we'll get back to you when we safely can. Please include day(s), time(s), pick-up and drop-off locations, number of passengers (adults, children, pets, etc.), number of suitcases, if you need boosters for children, and if you'd like to meet Buddy in your request.

    • About Us

      You might be asking "What's up with the dog?!"

      That's Buddy, he's an English Cream Golden Retriever. He's our mascot and our "beach buddy"! AND he's getting a sibling! Blue! Depending on several factors, you might be able to have Buddy and/or Blue come along for your trip! Life's short, relax and have fun! You can follow Buddy and Blue on Instagram: @30a.beachbuddy, @30a.aquablue, and @30adoglife.

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